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 Gym Leader Rules

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PostSubject: Gym Leader Rules    Gym Leader Rules  Icon_minitime18/02/11, 09:47 pm

Here are all the rules for battling a gym leader and rules for being a gym leader

Batting a Gym Leader Rules:

1.Lvl.100 battle
2.6v6 battle
3.Single battle
4.No innoppropiate nicknames
5.All items allowwed
6.No hacked pokemon
6.Have good sportmanship
7.When you have beat a gym leader
pm me telling me who you defeated

Being a Gym Leader Rules:

1.No ubers
2.No hacked pokemon
3.No innoppropiate names
4.When beaten tell me or send me a pm
saying yu were defeated by __________
5.All items allowwed
6.Have good sportmanship even if you
beat the challenger or they beat you

Those are the rules for battling a gym leader and being one
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Gym Leader Rules
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