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 Pokeball Items

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Pokeball=A tool for catching wild pokemon

Greatball=Has a better capture rate then the pokeball

Ultraball=Has a better capture rate then the greatball

Diveball=A Pokeball that does better catching pokemon that live in the water

Duskball=A Pokeball that does better at night and in caves

Fatsball=A Pokeball with a good capture rate against high spd stat pokemon

Friendball=A Pokeball that endears u greatly 2 the pokemon you've just caught

Healball=A gentle Pokeball that heals the captured pokemons HP and status

Heavyball=A Pokeball that has a good capture rate against heavy pokemon

Levelball=A Pokeball with a better capture rate against pokemon with a lvl lower then ur pokemon

Loveball=A Pokeball thats good at catching pokemon that are the same species of urs,but of the opposite gender

Lureball=A Pokeball that excels at catching pokemon you've snagged with a fishing pole

Luxuryball=A Pokeball that endears u to the captured pokemon

Moonball=A Pokeball with a good capture rate against pokemon that evolve using the Moon Stone

Nestball=A Pokeball that does better against weaker pokemon

Netball=A Pokeball with a high success rate against bug-and water type pokemon

Parkball=A Pokeball using only in the Pal Park

Premierball=A rare Pokeball made in commemoration of an event

Quickball=A Pokeball with a good capture rate when thrown right at the start of battle

Repeatball=A Pokeball that excels at catching pokemon you've caught before

Safariball=A Pokeball only used in the safar zone

Sportball=A Pokeball only used in the Nstionsl Park's Bug-Catching Contest

Timerball=A Pokeball that does better after more turns have elapsed in battle

Masterball=A Pokeball that can successfully catch any wild pokemon

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Pokeball Items
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