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 Breeding shiny pokemon

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Breeding shiny pokemon Empty
PostSubject: Breeding shiny pokemon   Breeding shiny pokemon Icon_minitime09/01/11, 06:47 pm

Hopefully to read the last comment on what shinies are and how to catch them but if that doesnt help then you can use this method


This idea of hunting is were you take two pokemon (the pokemon you want to find a shiny of) and breed them. But one of the parents must be from a different area Japen,France,Bolivia,Austalia,USA etc.... MUST GET THIS FROM GTS and when you breed them together the odds increase from instead of 1/8192 it is now 1/2048, but you can still use it with the same area it was still caught in but that chance of getting one is still 1/8192. This is an incredible increase in chance of getting a shiny,PS:I would do it this way a lot better chance of getting it .
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Breeding shiny pokemon
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