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 Catching Shiny Pokemon

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Catching Shiny Pokemon Empty
PostSubject: Catching Shiny Pokemon   Catching Shiny Pokemon Icon_minitime09/01/11, 06:44 pm


Shiny pokemon are pokemon that are different colored than itsa original form ways to check are when in wild pokemon battle is when it first appears a circle of strs wiill go at u just an illusion also u can prob. tell since it will be a different color other way is to check its info and be a red star above the sprite pic. on the info button


well lets do strly as an exaple u go to a spot where it is located and u just run around until u see 1 most games thats the only way to get 1s but some give special events when its a shiny pokemon

When you get the pokemon radar. Now once you have the radar you might want to bring the fallowing items, a good team that can withstand a long time in battle, ALWAYS 1 MASTERBALL , and Max repels unless u also wanna train.Now,Simply go to a large patch of grass, and spray your max repel if u dont want to battle alot of pokemon , then use your pokeradar. Now walk into a random patch that shook never go into 1 near u or 1 thats right beside another 1 and if u get the hand of this you just keep on going and it increases ur chance of getting a legit shiny

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Catching Shiny Pokemon
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