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 Breeding guide

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PostSubject: Breeding guide   Breeding guide Icon_minitime09/01/11, 06:40 pm

There are many pokemon out there most of them can breed but some cannot only 1s that can breed if it has a gender like a arcanine can breed since it can be either male or female but giratina cannot since it has an unknown gender,when you breed pokemon u want to have either lets say u want to have a breeded totodile theres different ways u can breed it soo heres 2 ways 1:take a male and female evolved form of totodile which is feraligatr put them with the daycare/breeder person but it will not work if u do 2 of the same gender they will just grow levels. 2:Take a female feraligatr and breed it with a ditto it will come out with a breeded totodile but u can breed with different pokemon depending on what moves u want it to learn lets say u breed a feraligatr with a male member of the larvitar family which is larvitar pupitar or tyranitar and when u hatch the egg it will turn out it will have the move crunch there are many other combos of breeding for 1 pokemon and all the other pokemon that can breed i hope you enjoyed this aticle
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Breeding guide
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